BREED er et av planetens mest hardtabeidende band. Med sin andre skive under panseret, har de nok en gang agt ned enda en bauta på sin vei mot verdensherredømme. For disse gutta mener alvor...Testosteron, liveshow, fete riff, og gyngende låter er noen høstet bandet terningkast 5 i VG for sin debutskive "BREED", og i 2010 fikk bandet høyste score (6/6) med sin oppfølger "Another War" i Scream Magazine, samt massiv media dekning bla. i Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, og Total Guitar. Damage Karlsen - Gitar, Maurice Adams - Vokal, Mads Morbid - Bass, Tommy Core - Trommer"

BREED´s music is described as a mixture between AC/DC, Black Label Society, Pantera and just good old rock`n roll. Between head wrecking solos, hardcore vocals and massive riffs, the main focus is on the melody and song. “Riffmeister” and primus motor, Damage Karlsen is clear in his speech: “We let the 16 year olds take care of all the technical, dark, black and death metal, while we stick to making music we just like to play”.
The band has released two albums (“BREED” 2007, “Another War” 2010), both receiving reviews from international magazines like Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Total Guitar and Scream Magazine.

These hardworking men from Norway refuse and resist to be guided by trends. Standing upright they present the middle finger to the “music-police” and let loose the uncompromising, brutal and melodic thunder that is BREED. Covering all the colors of the palette with fast songs, slow songs, and good lyrics. This attention, combined with their massive live performances put BREED on the shelf as one of Norway´s must see- live acts.
BREED has done everything the “Spinal Tap way”, without exceptions.

“We have toured around the countryside in an old crap car, got paid in beer, blown up amps mid-show, had fights about nickels and dimes, got our backdrop stolen the first time we used it (local crew also hung it upside down that night). We´ve driven 1000 kilometers without sleep to play for 20 minutes. One venue offered us a stew and a case of beer with a red bonnie as a thank you for successfully removing people’s earwax!”
One thing that is thoroughly demonstrated every time BREED steps up on stage is that this is definitely one of Norway’s hardest working bands.

BREED are out these days, promoting their new album. They will continue into the world bothering people with their groovy, loud, blaring and noisy rock/metal.

Breed line up:
Maurice Adams – Vocals
Damage Karlsen – Guitars
Max Morbid – Bass
Tommy Core – Drums